The Consequences of Just Sex

Wish you had the ability to change the decisions you made in your youth or as an adult about “Just Sex?”

Wish you could change the decision someone else made to force their “Just Sex” act on you? Wish you could eliminate the hopelessness you feel in your soul about those choices? Wish you could find that one true love that’s been missing in your life?

I share my very intimate, personal story from my “Just Sex” days so that you can know there is hope and healing for that little girl or little boy who got lost in the midst of free will. And, yes, there are consequences to those free will choices. I invite you to walk with me through my journey to discover a love so powerful that will restore your body, mind, and soul. It is never too late to start discovering who you truly were created to be, why you were created, and most important, what you were created to do.

About the author:

Sally Fabre grew up in Iowa with five sisters and one brother and moved to Oregon in the fall of 1977. She purchased a home in 1978 in Aloha with her husband and raised two sons in the Beaverton School district. She continues to serve her community through the past and present church bodies; Immanuel Community Church, Calvary Chapel Church, and Mt Olivet Baptist Church. She served on the board and as Board Chair for Love In The Name of Christ of Greater Beaverton and served on the board and is now President of the Aloha Business Association.

She is currently stewarding and using her gifts as an Insurance Agent at Agape Community Insurance Agency in Aloha, Oregon. She enjoys meeting new people, hearing their stories, and sharing her own. She enjoys mentoring those who are led to her as well as being mentored by many surrogate Dads and Moms. She enjoys learning, reading, watching sports, and participating in God’s will for her life. ‘What good is faith if you can’t live it out?”

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